Welcome to Peace Love Light!

Welcome to Peace Love Light!
Up until the launch of Peace Love Light, it was very challenging to find beautiful, timeless, and lasting Hanukkah decor and Judaica.  Decorations were either disposable, kitschy, or they simply didn't fit into our style of decor.  And while we love a good "Hanukkah bush" or "ugly Hanukkah sweater," we were craving a way to make our homes look both beautiful and festive at a very special time of the year. 

Lisa and I founded Peace Love Light when Lisa brought up the subject of wishing she could decorate her home for Hanukkah and wondered if anyone else felt the same. I, Amanda, agreed, and we set about designing a line of products that are both festive and beautiful, and can go with any home decor. Lisa has a background in interior design, and I have experience in the arts and publishing; we look forward to sharing more about our backgrounds in future posts! 


What began as a desire to share beautiful Hanukkah decorations with others has evolved into a home decor shop that sells not just for the holidays, but for every time of the year. We carry a variety of fun and festive pillow covers, and, of course, typical Hanukkah items, such as menorahs and decorative dreidels. We truly love every item we stock, and we look forward to sharing photos of our homes decked out for Hanukkah 2017!



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