Gourmet Varietal Honey Sampler, Certified Kosher- 3 3oz. jars + honey dipper stick


Our honey sampler set contains 3 jars, 3 oz each and a small wood honey dipper stick.  Certified Kosher.

- Gourmet Varietal Honey, Yellow Star Thistle: with a candy-like flavor, Yellow Star Thistle Honey comes from the small fuzzy flowers growing throughout Northern California. The yellow star thistle honey was named the “champagne of honeys” by the staff at Food and Wine magazine. The Star Thistle Honey has also received praise from Saveur magazine, who declared it one of America’s finest honeys.

- Gourmet Varietal Honey, Northwestern Meadowfoam: Cultivated in central Oregon, and also native to California, this native flower’s white and yellow blossoms cover the coastal valleys, foothills, and mountains with a creamy, floral foam.  This honey is quickly becoming a household favorite, thanks to its radically unique flavor and aroma profile of both cupcakes baking and marshmallows toasting. Hints of vanilla toffee ride out a smooth and lingering finish.  Sunset Magazine rated the Northwestern Meadowfoam honey number one in their ‘Top 5 West Coast Honeys’ list

- Gourmet Varietal Honey, High Plains Sweet Clover: upon opening the jar, an intense cinnamon aroma announces our High Plains Sweet Clover honey. Honey connoisseurs recognize this distinctive aroma and flavor immediately. The cinnamon is joined with caramel and nutmeg, followed by a lingering spicy finish on the palate. A native to the Mediterranean region, Sweet Clover now grows bountifully throughout the hot and dry, high plains of the Midwestern United States.

About Z Speciality Foods:  After graduating from college, founder Ishai Zeldner decided to pursue adventure by living on a Kibbutz in Israel. For nine months, six days a week were split between learning Hebrew and working on the kibbutz, mostly in the fields. He immediately felt at home on Kibbutz Beit HaShita, a cooperative community that not only raised fish and cattle for consumption but grew agricultural products such as cotton, melon, grapefruit and olives. It also produced honey.

Although beekeeping was brand new to him, Ishai took to it like a natural, and Yosef Gidron, the kibbutz beekeeper, noticed. Soon, Yosef asked Ishai to be his assistant, and he became a friend and mentor. While Ishai may not have known it at the time, his future career path had begun. It was an opportunity to learn beekeeping from a master, and Ishai worked with and learned from Yosef throughout four bee seasons. When asked about his half-century love affair with honeybees, Ishai said, "My mentor kept bees 'til he was 90. That's my role model."

During his time at UC Davis, Ishai was introduced to varietal honeys, and became particularly fond of Yellow Star Thistle Honey. He loved it so much that he began giving it away to his friends, and quickly realized he was going broke doing so. Thus, Moon Shine Trading Company was started with 180 pounds of pure Yellow Star Thistle Honey packed in canning jars.

In stock, typically ships in 1-2 business days.  Honey can be only be shipped within the U.S. 

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Purchased for a gift

I purchased this set of honey samplers for a gift sent to CA. I didn't even open the box to see the jars because it was already wrapped for a gift. I am certain it will be well received!