Star Of David Votive Holders- Set of Six, Choose Your Palette, Hanukkah Decorations


Our best selling star of David votive holders in your choice of palette.  Display them on your table, on a credenza or line them up on your mantle. The exterior of each heavyweight glass votive holder come in an array of shades, while the inside has a mercury finish for a warm glow. Add your own tea light candles and light them up to showcase these beauties.

Sold as a set of six.  

3 rose + 3 blue:  pink, hot pink, purple, pewter, aqua, navy

3 rose + 3 neutral:  pink, hot pink, purple, white, silver, gold

3 blue + 3 neutral: pewter, aqua, navy, white, silver, gold

Sets of blue, rose and neutral, 3pc and 6 pc also available.  

Shop all Hanukkah.  

2nd and 3rd photo- styling @warmhousestory.  photo- @canarygrey

Sizes: 2 3/4" W X 2" H each

Care: For indoor use only.   

In stock, typically ships in 1-2 business days.

Customer Reviews

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So Lovely

I bought the set of 6 but have only used three. I used them last week for Shabbat because I was dying to give them a purpose, they are so pretty. They came packaged so carefully I worried because they are glass, but I didn't need to fret about it. I will probably use them again for Shabbat and, of course, Hannukah. They are so cute. I just love this shop.

Fantastic addition to our table!

I have been using these beautiful star shaped votives all throughout the holidays; I really love them so much. Depending on what plates, runner, etc, I change up the ones I use to match, which is so much fun.

Love.Love.Love these Beautiful Votive Holders!

This is my second votive purchase. My first purchase was 6 Rose in August 2020 for Rosh Hashanah and I have used them many other times. I was so happy when they became available! They are beautiful and a special addition to the dinner table. The colors are so so so pretty. This purchase was for 3 Blue + 3 Neutral for Hanuakkah and more!
Thank you!!!

Beyond Beautiful ... I am in Love with the Votive Holders!

I purchased the medium Star of David Votive Holders for Rosh Hashanah this year. They will be a beautiful and special addition to the dinner table. The colors are so so so pretty. The votive holders were received quickly, nicely packaged and in perfect condition!
I plan to the buy the Star of David Votive Holders for Hanukkah.
Thank you!!!

Marla C.
Pretty colors!

I gave these candle holders as a Hanukkah gift. They were appreciated! The candle holders are rich jeweled colors. I am very satisfied with this purchase.