Hug-It-Out, Kids Companion Passover Modern Haggadah

Hug-It-Out is a vibrantly illustrated kid’s companion Haggadah.  It is a love letter to our children who sit at the Passover table and learn about Judaism from us with great curiosity and awe.  This unique approach combined with the dynamic and fun-filled illustrations, allows for a seamless Seder for the entire family.

There are added spiritual elements rooted in kindness, acceptance, and inclusivity. This children's haggadah and the companion The Haggadah Collective, honours women, the LGBTQ community, refugees across the globe, victims of terrorism in Israel, and the memory of those lost in the Holocaust. The aim of the authors is to bring a deeper meaning to Passover and celebrate the diverse group of people who make up our community; to elevate our sameness, not our differences.

Hug-It-Out matches every page of The Haggadah Collective. Kids and adults are literally on the same page from getting your table ready, reciting all of the traditional prayers and singing their favourite Passover songs.

About the Authors - Pearl Richman and her daughter Maxie- who are by no means Jewish scholars - are passionate and dedicated students of kindness, love, and inclusivity. Pearl has been a teacher for almost 35 years and has nurtured a love of children and creativity in Maxie, who is currently pursuing her Masters in Child Study and Education at The University of Toronto. With a plethora of mutual interests that include styling, design, writing, and advocacy, Pearl and Maxie set out to modernize the Passover Haggadah you’ve been using for decades by curating The Haggadah Collective.

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Customer Reviews

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Sarah W.
Nice option for kids

My daughter is still a little young to read this herself during the Seder but it's a nice addition to our Passover holiday books. I was happy to receive this quicky and well in time to take it with us to travel for the holiday.

Wonderful and Meaningful Haggadah

This is a lovely Haggadah. I purchased it and used it last year and I’m buying more this year. I love the addition of the 5th cup for victims of the Holocaust. It honors them in a very meaningful way and brings a new point of reflection for Passover.

Melissa D.

Very impressed with the quality, came in a nice box.