Ten Mouth-Watering Purim Hamantaschen Recipes

Ten Mouth-Watering Purim Hamantaschen Recipes

There are so many amazing hamantaschen photos on Instagram, that I just had to look up the recipes and share some of my favorites.  Here is a roundup of my top 10, although it was hard to choose!

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1. Chocolate Glazed Hamantaschen, Kosher Like Me
I met Liz Rueven a couple of years ago, and she is one amazing woman, extremely talented, knowledgeable and friendly.  I was so thrilled when she used some of our Hanukkah décor for her WTNH segment.  Her blog is full of unique kosher recipes, and this one really looks amazing.  It has the perfect pairing of chocolate and orange.

Ten Delicious Hamantaschen Recipes- Peace Love Light Shop

2. Cherry Cardamom Hamantaschen, Kosher Like Me & The Kosher Dinner Lady

Liz Rueven teamed up with Rachel Berger, The Kosher Dinner Lady, to create this beautiful and scrumptious dessert.  

Ten Delicious Hamantaschen Recipes- Peace Love Light Shop

3. S’mores, Hamantaschen, Kosher Dinner Lady

Who doesn’t like smores?  Chocolate and Marshmallow in between graham flavored cookie dough.  Need I say more?

4. Hamantaschen ice cream sandwiches, Kosher in the Kitch
Nina Safar suggests creating a hamantaschen sandwich bar for Purim with crispy triangle shaped cookies, an assortment of ice cream flavors, and toppings.  

5. Strawberry Rose' Hamantaschen, Kitchen Tested
We love the story behind these vibrant treats.  Melinda Strauss’ husband came home with a bottle of rose’, so she got the idea to make rose' hamantaschen.  They look amazing and are almost too beautiful to eat (almost)!

6. Oreo Hamantaschen, Jew Hungry
Not sure which of these recipes would be my kids favorite, but these Oreo Hamantashen from Whitney Fisch may just be it.

7. Cannoli Hamantaschen, Sheri Silver for the Dayton Jewish Observer
Growing up in Brooklyn (where there are lots of Italian bakeries) I have had my share of delectable cannoli’s, but I have never had a cannoli hamantashen.  This is something that I have just got to try!

8. Gluten Free, Sugar Free Hamantaschen, The New Yiddish Kitchen, The Nosher 
My son has a gluten sensitivity so always looking for great gluten free recipes.  This one is at the top of my list.

9. Pretzel Bagel Dog Hamantaschen, Rachel Kor for the Nosher
I have mentioned what I think would be my kids favorite, but I think these unique hamantaschen would be my husband’s favorite.  He is always looking for mini hotdogs at every event we go to.


10. Thankgiving Hamantaschen, Kitchen Tested
Two favorite holidays, Purim and Thanksgiving in one creative meal! 

Now, if you have never made hamantaschen before, we found this great article by Shannon Sarna, The Nosher with tips on how to make.

…and if you just don’t have the time to make, we are excited to offer delicious  Purim treats including certified kosher marzipan hamantaschen, unique groggers and more.   

For more great recipes and decorating tips, check out our blog.   Also, browse our site, Peace Love Light, for a curated selection of stylish decor and gifts for Jewish holidays and celebrations.

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