A Big Hanukkah Thank You!

A Big Hanukkah Thank You!

Tonight, the festivity truly begins! As we begin the 1st night of the Festival of Lights, I wanted to take a moment to thank each and every person who was involved with and supported our new business! It has been a wonderful, wild ride, and we owe it to all of you.  Here is my "thank you note"...


1.) Thank you to my business partner and dear friend, Amanda.  A year ago, I mentioned this idea to some friends, and Amanda said that she would like to help me.  Boy, am I ever so grateful that she did!!! I knew Amanda was creative and talented, but little did I know how many skills this girl has!  Most of all, I am grateful that I had a great partner to laugh with and chat with over the last year while creating and running this business.

2.) Thank you to our artists and suppliers!  What an amazing group of women (yes, we work with all women!).  You all took a chance on us when all we had was a business plan and a logo, and we are ever so grateful!  You are some of the nicest, hardest-working, most-creative women we have ever worked with!

3.) Thank you to our families!  Running a new business is not easy, but Amanda and I are so lucky to have close, supportive families.  They have carried boxes, helped sell at our holiday shows, ironed and packed product, helped with marketing and social media, watched the kids...you name it!  We are SO very fortunate.


4.) Thank you for all the press!  From the talented bloggers who wrote such lovely posts about us and captured our look to WTNH for the segment on decorating for Hanukkah, you have all truly helped spread the word about Peace Love Light.

5.) Thank you to all our followers and all of you who have visited our site.  We have had thousands and thousands of unique visitors to our site since we launched in September.  That is pretty amazing!  We also appreciate all the comments and emails we have received; they really put smiles on our faces.  Please continue sending your thoughts and ideas! 


6.) And, last of all (but certainly not least) a BIG thanks to all of our amazing customers.  A year ago, Peace Love Light was just an idea.  Now we are excited to offer not only products for Hanukkah, but also a fresh, new line of Judaica and seasonal gifts and decor in 2018.  We can't wait to share them with you. THANK YOU!!! (Check out our "Oh Hanukkah" sign in Kathryn R.'s beautiful home to the right. We love sharing your photos!).

Wishing everyone Peace, Love, and Light this holiday!

- Lisa 

P.S. (By Amanda) I have to echo everything that Lisa has said, and simply say that I, too, have been so lucky this year.  Lisa and I are so fortunate to have had this wonderful experience together.  She is a WONDERFUL business partner and friend; she is patient, loving, and kind; I could not do any of this without her.  Thank you, Lisa, and Happy Hanukkah to you all! 


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