Decorating for Hanukkah: How to Style Your Mantel

Decorating for Hanukkah:  How to Style Your Mantel

One of my favorite spaces in the home to decorate for Hanukkah is a fireplace mantel.  There is something about the warmth of the fireplace around the holidays that is so warm and comforting!  It is also the focal point of a room, and often where friends and family gather. 

One of the most frequent questions we get from customers is how to decorate a mantel for Hanukkah, so I thought it would be a good idea to share some photos for inspiration, along with some tips:

Decorating for Hanukkah:  How to Style Your Mantel

I love the look of a banner, as it adds that feeling of festivity to your home.  Of course, the banner can say Happy Hanukkah, but it can also be more nondescript.  One that features Signs of the Season, or a beautiful saying such as ‘Love & Light’ can work as well. 

Hanukkah decorations, Banner- Peace Love Light Shop

Simplicity is key! I see so many mantels crowded with tons of tchotchkes. Had to look up the spelling of that word, but you know what I mean.  Keep it clean and simple!  You don’t need tons of decorations to make it look good.  You can use your menorah, dreidels in a glass hurricane (a favorite of ours), candles, books, plants, or a few tchotchkes (just not lined up across your mantle!).  In our photo shoots, we even used wrapped presents to tie the look together!

How to style your Hanukkah Mantel- Peace Love Light Shop

Some love symmetry, and others feel asymmetry is more modern.  Use your judgement.  As you see, some of these photos are symmetrical, while some are not.  The key is if asymmetrical, keep items at different heights to add interest.

Of course, we are selling Hanukkah decor, so we love the look of a large piece of themed artwork, but it doesn't need to be. You can keep the artwork you already have hung, or a mirror would look beautiful! Many have a TV over the mantel, that works too! Just accessorize either side, hang a banner and your mantel is immediately transformed.

How to style your mantel for Hanukkah

We love to hear from our customers and have helped many with ideas on how to accessorize their mantel for Hanukkah.  If you would like help, send us a photo of your mantel (or any other room of your home) to info@peacelovelightshop.com and we will email you back a photo with suggestions on how to decorate.

Decorating your Mantel for Hanukkah

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